Immigration Service in Miami

Immigration Service in Miami

We provide Immigration Service in Miami: We basically prepared all form you need with the information that you provide us.

The difference is that we are familiar with the forms and we do it in the correct way, fast and inexpensive.

These are some of the immigration services WE offer:

  • Citizenship
  • Adjustment of status (residence)
  • Application to extend nonimmigrant status
  • Work  Permit Application
  • Residence card renewal
  • Cuban Adjustment
  • Re-entry Permit
  • Affidavit Support
  • Visa Fiancee
  • Remove Condition on your Residence card
  • Interpreter English to Spanish
  • Certified Translations
  • Immigration service in Miami
  • Notarizations
  • And More….

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Interprete para Inmigracion

Servicio de inmigracion en Miami

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Oficina de migracion en hialeah

Migration is a type of human displacement (that is, a type of migration) in which individuals from another country or another region enter a given society. In other words, it is about the arrival of migrants to a certain country, the opposite in that sense of migration.

Immigration (and migration, its other face) is an extremely common event in the history of humanity, which has occurred since time immemorial, and despite the fact that it may be a controversial event or generate discomfort in local citizens, it is actually one of civilization’s most important sources of cultural, genetic, and economic variation and diversity.

Immigrants can leave their native land for various reasons, but they generally bring new elements to their destination: more or less qualified labor, new knowledge, they enrich the destination culture, and even bring new genes. This type of migration can be permanent, or it can be temporary, when the immigrants return to their initial territory after a while.

Migration and emigration are two sides of the same coin: migration. But if in the first case the migrants arrive from distant countries, in the second the migrants leave for distant countries. This, clearly, from the perspective of a country of origin, since the immigrants from here are the emigrants from there and vice versa.

Generally, both processes are understood in terms of a migratory balance: the countries with the most migration present a positive or favorable balance (not from a qualitative point of view, but quantitative, that is, these migrants may or may not be more or less a benefit for the country that receives them), while countries with high emigration rates present negative balances, as they “lose” citizens.

Migration occurs in all geographical and historical areas, generally from the most depressed societies to the most prosperous. It is estimated that the countries with the largest immigrant population Migration occurs in all geographical and historical areas, generally from the most depressed societies to the most prosperous. It is estimated that the countries with the largest immigrant population

USA. With 46,785,090 migration.

Russia. With 13,048,064 migration.

Germany. With 9,895,244 migration.

Saudi Arabia. With 9,360,433 migration.

United Arab Emirates. With 7,826,981 migration.

United Kingdom. With 7,804,131 migration.

France. With 7,439,086 migration.

Religious causes have not only promoted demographic changes related to their expansionist fervor but are also reflected in migration, detached from the Religious Reform of Luther or Calvin and, threatened by the Counter-Reformation and the rematches of the Restoration, crossed the Atlantic, becoming in the founders of the 13 British Colonies in North America and what is today the USA. Immigration service in Miami

European migration to our Latin America did not cease for a century and a half, representing a social, cultural, economic political circumstance of great importance. The indelible mark of this immigration is an essential part of our cultural heritage, our identity and the rejuvenation of ideas and social practices. Immigration service in Miami

Immigration service in Miami

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