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Immigration Service in Arizona – A group of four Senate Republicans sent a letter to the government of President Joe Biden to question the policy that focuses on the persecution of undocumented immigrants with a criminal record, instead of persecuting a non-citizen solely for not having papers to stay in the country. country.

The senators make particular reference to the guidelines for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) attorneys, which broaden their discretion in deciding cases, taking into consideration several factors, not just that an immigrant is undocumented.
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“This misguided policy prioritizes artificially reducing the backlog of immigration court cases over enforcing our immigration laws enacted by Congress, and represents a serious abuse of prosecutorial discretion,” said Sen. Rick Scott (Florida).

The letter was also signed by Senators Josh Hawley (Missouri), Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), and Rand Paul (Kentucky).

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The memorandum to ICE lawyers was issued last April and is part of the Biden Administration’s strategy to reduce the persecution of immigrants just for being undocumented, in addition to reducing court cases, which exceed 1.6 million accumulated files.

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Immigration Service in Arizona

Scott and his colleagues criticize that this policy is focused on reducing court cases, in addition to pointing out that the decision promoted by the Secretary of National Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, “is an abuse” of the discretion of the lawyers.

“Under the guise of exercising ‘prosecutorial discretion,’ the Doyle Memo proposes the mass dismissal of these pending removal cases against aliens who are in the United States illegally and who are subject to deportation for violating our immigration laws,” Scott said.

He said that policy is like “turning a blind eye” to the undocumented, which will “encourage more illegal immigration and encourage criminal aliens who are already illegally present in our communities.”

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The memorandum was signed by Kerry Doyle, ICE’s main legal advisor, where she establishes that the accumulation of cases in court makes it necessary to prioritize the agency’s resources to unload criminal cases.

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